One of the last female specimens of the Sumatran Rhinoceros was successfully rescued

The little bit of good news in the midst of a forest of environmental and extinction rumors is that a female of the Sumatran rhinoceros, a rhinoceros that is on the red list of extinctions, has just been home. A successful rescue scientist on an island of Borneo, Indonesia

This seven-month search, tracking, trapping and rescue effort is a combination of a team of international researchers led by the Indonesian government in cooperation with the Rhino Rescue Project. This specimen was named Pahu, thought to be one of the last 80 Sumatran rhinoceros in the wild, after being rescued was transferred to the Kalimantan sanctuary. Kalimantan Pahu will be accompanied by 9 previously rescued individuals, where they will be carefully maintained and will be researched to maintain the breed.

Pahu has just eaten the leaves while mud bathing in the trap set by RRP
In Indonesia, rhinoceros horns have been hunted for horns in the past, with the aim of decorating and displaying the class, and today rhinoceros horns are often ordered by China and Vietnam to meet demand. Healing by honing the horn to get the powder to drink. Another special feature of Sumatran is that they have two horns, which are the only horn in Asia, making them one of the favorite items on the black market.

This rescue program of Indonesia does not limit the time it ends, all aimed at a goal to save as many rhinoceros as possible. This is a very good thing for this animal, hopefully thanks to such coordinated programs our children will have rhinoceros to look at, rather than through books and videos of a species. was extinct

Promotional video of Rhino Rescue Project


Refer to WWF , SaveSumatransRhinos

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