These points are not satisfied in the iPhone X

Difficult to pull the notification bar, plucking up the Control Center running on or have multiple app is compatible with screen not long as their limitations seen in the early days using iPhone X. Mainly things you encounter below are issues relating to the interface and software in general. Invites you to check out, and brothers who are suppends iPhone X see anything unsatisfied, please comment added to offline.

Control Center

If before Apple put the Control Center – the area quickly toggle common connection – side and you will pull from below the bottom up in order to access this area, the iPhone X brought it up. Can understand why: swipe from bottom to now play the role of the home button, that you return to your home screen, so the Control Center are forced to go else where, more over this operation also has the frequency of use higher use should be prioritized in more convenient places.

But no matter what is the reason, it’s still not going the way, similar to the experience of Android so drag the Quick Settings. May they not spend this much, but you regularly turn off open connections will certainly uncomfortable.

Notiication Center


IPhone’s notification area X can now be accessed from the left or right side bunny ears bight. At first glance it seems easy but when using one hand to very extreme. Previously you could move it down a bit, then swipe from the right corner is the notification appeared, now if you do so, the new Control Center is the appearance (explained above). In other words, you have to use two hands or left-handed, then you have a new easy to use.

3D Touch to press to run the camera from the lock screen


On the lock screen with a camera icon, look at is known to run fast photographic works from the lock screen without unlocking the phone. Okay, this is understandable.

But the problem is click or click and swipe and nothing happened! Instead, you must press the strongest type of 3D Touch this icon, the app new camera ran up, and it was not friendly at all, even if you are used to spend the iPhone before because you do not expect manipulation this will take place.

In addition, there is an inscription on the screen to let you know you need to press the 3D Touch this button, the price as Apple just put a question like this, “Emphasis on the button to run the camera”, I understood immediately issue recommended not bother dabbling.

UX UI People do have a saying: if you do that to explain to the user who is bad, do not explain that the user does not know spend even worse. And Apple is falling into what this bad.

Clusters high up camera makes easy to stick dust and difficult to clean


I’m not upset because the camera design and benefits are not the problem with you, I still love it even convex as it helps millet machine onto a glass surface angle ensures no coffee down the plane causing abrasions camera.

However, on the iPhone X, this cluster slightly higher so the dust will not easily be wiped away with a single swipe of a cloth or towel glass, instead you have to take the time to rub closer a little or spend toothpick cotton cloth when cleaning as usual will not sneak into.

Face ID to swipe the inside is new

I also think this initially is uncomfortable, but after a few hours spent his iPhone X likes it. Islam before using iPhone 6s or 7 Plus or Android phones, when touched on the fingerprint sensor is going straight inside always, even if you just want to see notifications, battery or now simply holding the phone up is to be.

Meanwhile, iPhone X because no fingerprints and only identifiable face up putting it on the unlock immediately then you did not read the notice, perhaps so that the new Apple forces you to swipe another play again to confirm you want to unlock the screen.

Many applications are not yet compatible screen 18: 9


The app that you typically use, including Outlook email, Google Maps, Grab unedited interface to support the new screen of the iPhone X. That makes this app appear two black bands on under rather uncomfortable and not spend to fully monitor.

The restrictions mentioned above are derived from the majority of software and lack of interface design rather than hardware. IPhone’s hardware and express themselves quite tasty X no point to blame at all. I will use more and share more to you about this handset in the next few days offline.





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