Synthesis of good deals for year-end Samsung smartphones at CellphoneS

At the end of the year, Tet is always a good time for users to upgrade and purchase new smartphones for themselves as well as relatives and friends. Let’s join Sforum to review the extremely good Hotsale incentives for Samsung smartphones in this December.

The 512GB Galaxy Note 9 has a shocking price of only 22.49 million

Only in 3 days from December 28 to December 30, 512GB Galaxy Note 9 will enjoy the preferential price with a shocking price of only 22.49 million (a reduction of 6 million compared to weekdays). Quantity is only limited, does not apply with other incentive programs such as Smember, old autumn renewal, …

Besides, Galaxy Note 9 128GB version also has a very attractive price of only 17.49 million.

buy now galaxy note 9 good price

Galaxy Note 9 is still the most advanced device Samsung is most welcome today. By possessing a sleek, square-shaped, masculine design, powerful configuration and large storage memory for good work, the unique S-pen is an indispensable item for creative people, cameras. Upgrade many features, support efficient work with a large battery of 4,000 mAh.

Galaxy S9 + Red wine gives PMH 2 million

Galaxy S9 + Red Burgundy (Red Wine) still possesses a metal frame design with a glossy glass back. Powerful configuration to meet all the needs of entertainment, learning, … of users. Dual camera professionally remove fonts and impressive 4K video recording capability, ultra-sharp 6.2 inch AMOLED screen with 2K + resolution. A large capacity 3,500 mAh battery with fast charging technology makes it easy for users to use it for a long and dynamic day.

Currently Galaxy S9 + Red Wine has very good incentives in December at CellphoneS:
♣ 0% interest installment payment.
♣ Lucky draw chance to win Vinfast electric car.
♣ Give PMH 2 million until the end of December 31.

buy now galaxy s9 + red buckle good price

2018 Galaxy A7 Blue positive shock price of only 6.39 million

Only 2 days from 28 – 30/12, to enjoy very good price incentives for Galaxy A7 2018 with the price of only 6.39 million (down 1.3 million), supporting 0% interest installment payment. With a limited number and applies only to the Blue version.

buy now galaxy a7 2018 good price

2018 Galaxy A7 is currently a mid-range device to attract the attention of users by designing fashionable flat glass back, quite configurable with Exynos 7885, equipped with cameras with a wider range of angles for users. The large capacity battery of 3.300 mAh incorporates a 6 inch FullHD + AMOLED screen, which helps users to enjoy entertainment and work all day long.

Very good Galaxy J8 has just over 4 million

During hotsale at the end of 2018 at CellphoneS, Galaxy J8 will be only 4.35 million from December 28 to 31, promising that this will be the first choice of users for genuine and smart smartphone devices that are good at price more than 4 million.

buy now galaxy j8 super price good last year

The J series devices are always crowded by female customers, because of the good cost, good performance, inheriting some features in high-end models, Galaxy Gift shopping incentives, … Galaxy J8 is currently is a mid-range device of Samsung possessing dual camera to remove quality fonts, overflow screen with good performance with Snapdragon chip 450. Comes with useful features like Galaxy Gift, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Experince, …




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