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When handsets are used to access a lot of search engines for special websites, google. Upgraded website technology for mobile devices is implemented and shows visible performance. Recently, Google put into operation AMP Google technology to improve website performance on mobile phones starting February 24, 2016.

Google AMP technology website on mobile

1. What technology is Google AMP?

AMP is an acronym for Accelerated Pages Mobile that is temporarily understood as an accelerated page for mobile devices. The utility responds to low-profile mobile devices or a slow connection to the network due to poor communication links. The website is smoother and aesthetically more successful.
AMP technology can be found by webmasters in webmastertool and started for compatibility.

AMP mobile website technology in webmaster tool

2. Google AMP has priority on search rankings:

AMP’s new mobile website technology is highly appreciated for ideas as well as technology. AMP provides extremely high usage speed. According to some objective reviews, the website supports AMP priority on google search engine when searching by mobile.

Compatible AMP google in search rankings

3. How to operate AMP technology:

AMP is declared directly inside the source code of another website with the optimized RWD on the Css interface. The integration of AMP requires experts to program the compatible declaration on the website.

The revolution in technology on handheld devices prompted google to bring AMP technology to market. Appreciate the website download speed to avoid waiting. AMP technology will help the website improve the optimization with google. Currently AMP technology is newly released and user experience evaluated. Website integrated AMP is limited to this point.



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